Greenview Co Ltd is a Limited Liability company set up in January 1994.

The current Managing Director of Greenview is Joseph Farrugia who is also the legal representative of the company.

The primary functions of Greenview are to:

  • Source the most reliable supply of good quality pet shop and gardening supplies.
  • Negotiate a supply deal and find the best forwarding option to ensure timely delivery.
  • Receive weekly deliveries to ensure continuity of supply.
  • Store goods in an easily retrievable manner in our storage facility.
  • Negotiate supply options, prices and marketing strategies with our BtoB clients.
  • Make frequent sales calls and help clients understand and adapt to our goods and strategies.
  •  Real time preparation of orders in warehouse due to internet link between sales order-books and store pick-lists.
  • Ensure an average of 95% availability due to state of the art reordering system tailor made and built inhouse. 
  • Next day delivery of orders unless client requires otherwise.
  • Barcode and expiry date on invoice where required by client.
  • Replacement of substandard of faulty items as well as expired goods in the case of perishables.
  • Merchandising and organization of retail shelves and space at client’s request.
  • Neat, pleasant and helpful staff in company uniform and modern branded vehicles. 


The site is meant to provide a link between our retail clients and our goods and services. It is not intended for consumers and therefore only licensed pet-shops with a valid VAT registration number can use it.

It is meant to replace the price list which was published yearly with a real time online platform which is easily accessible to the modern store manager.

Please contact the sales person assigned to you to enquire or order any item from our website.