76124 Thermostat, digital, two circuits, 16 x 4 cm




  • with two circuits for daytime and night-time operation
  • ideal for use with heat lamps, heating mats and other heat sources in order to prevent overheating or hypothermia
  • up to 8 turn-on/off times can be set
  • continuous display of temperature, real time and chosen function
  • integrated timer (min. cycle time 1 second)
  • range from 0 °C to 50 °C
  • selectable switching delay 1 °C to 15 °C
  • can be used for heating and cooling
  • with visual alarm function
  • length of sensor cable: 180 cm
  • max. switching capacity 2 × 600 W
  • battery prevents loss of data in case of power failure
  • also suitable for aquariums

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