62409 natura small animal hutch XL with insulation, 120 Ç? 98 Ç? 94 cm, GRY




  • top parts of outer walls, tubs and roof with styrofoam insulation
  • suitable for rearing young due to close mesh (2 cm)
  • retreat area with sliding door
  • grid insert with removable plastic pane
  • 7 doors make it easy to handle and easy to clean
  • outdoor enclosure with 4 mesh doors for flexible use of additional natura outdoor enclosures
  • lockable hatch with plastic coating
  • roof with roofing paper
  • roof flaps can be opened from above
  • pull-out plastic base trays
  • additional storage space in one half of the attic with removable floors
  • wire grid made of metal, powder coated
  • pine, glazed

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